With more than 20 years of experience in Athletics and fitness Competitively, I've designed it all. Contact me for individual workouts, programs, plans, all customized to each individual needs. Customized world class sprint coaching and Jumps coaching, for individuals and team sports training at all levels of competitions.

Danssil Phylosophy

Be Inspired

A combination of Fitness Training and Athletics Training

You have made the right decision, so come and be inspired and start a new beginning. You are warmly welcome and I am here to help you achieve your dreams on all levels.

Whether your ultimate goal is to build strength, be fast, loose weight, impress your other half or just feel better about yourself, it all starts with the decision to change your lifestyle and it begins with you today right now right here.

Don't wait any longer,time is too short to be wasted. Let's do this together. Be that lone wolf that makes the changes.